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Full Time Mom, Wife, Work, Life - Mom to three children (adults), two are college graduates and now own their own homes, and the youngest is in college in NC; wife to Thomas; Work - one full time and multiple part time jobs; Life - whatever you can throw at me....

About Me

My name is Maria and I reside in Southern Connecticut and I have been in this area for 47 years.  I am married to a wonderful man, Thomas, and have three children.  Two are college graduates that now own their own homes and one is about to be married.  My youngest is a senior in college!

I work at a small Catholic school and am a Finance Manager and bookkeeper, which means I handle everything on the business side of things.  On the side, I do bookkeeping work for multiple small companies, including attorneys and a church.  And I teach Zumba at least three times a week. 

I make some of my own products including deodorant, dishwasher detergent and washing machine detergent.  I try to be as "green" as possible, but it isn't always easy!  I love to can in the summer and I am a locavore, only eating meats that are raised on the CSA farm.  I try to be as organic as possible too!

It is definitely a FULL TIME LIFE!  But I don't know of any other way to do things, so I will continue to be FULL TIME as long as I can!  It's a great life!