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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am keeping busy this week with Zumba (4 times), my daughter and cheerleading (a second competition this coming Saturday), working and squeezing in  a little TV time.  I love the Olympics, so I watch that when something I love is on (Apolo, ice skating, aerial skiing, snowboarding).  I'm not a fan of the downhill or the cross country skiing.  The bobsled and the luge and the skeleton are interesting for about 1/2 hour tops.  The Curling....I don't understand it, so I guess I can't comment on it.  Hockey is another sport that just doesn't do it for me. 

The Amazing Race has started and so has American Idol.  I have to admit my love for Amazing Race.  My friend Maryanne got me hooked years ago.  I tape it and watch it when I can.  American Idol....isn't doing it for me this year. 

What my husband and I have been watching (and totally enjoying) is the Cake Boss...it is my new favorite show.  Thomas will tape a bunch of episodes and then when we have a few minutes, we will watch them.  We can usually watch about three shows in a little over an hour, because we fast forward through the commercials.

Being an Italian, I get a kick out of their family and Buddy is an extraordinary baker, designer, decorator and guy!  If you ever have the ability to watch it, do so.  I know  it is on TLC, but I don't know what channel that is.  My husband and I want to go to HOBOKEN, just to go to Carlo's Bakery....now that is weird?  But honestly, I just want to smell the place.  I can only imagine that heaven smells a little like that.  And tasting a piece of their crumb cake or a cannoli would be heaven too......

Monday, February 22, 2010

Where are you?

Actually, where am I?  Where have I been?  I haven't posted in almost a week. 

Let me start with work.  Yes, all of my jobs are keeping me hopping!  I am taking on a new job as most of you know, with teaching Zumba three nights a week.  I honestly don't know if I'll be able to handle it all, but I'm giving it my best.  I usually succeed.  I just have to figure it all out.  And it takes a calendar, a reliable vehicle and some family members with patience. 

I hope to fit everything in.......and I realize that I only have about two more years of this craziness and then I can relax a little bit.  (The boys will be out of college - whew!!!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And more snow?!

Almost four more inches of the white stuff this morning.  Me and the hubby were out early shoveling (my daugher is on school break, so she slept through it all).  It wasn't too bad and I will be in work on time!   I really need Florida........

Monday, February 15, 2010

Houston......We have eggs!!!!

After almost three months (and many thoughts of having roast chicken for Sunday dinner), my very beautiful hens are laying again.  When we got the hens in September, they were young and wouldn't start laying until about November, but it got so cold so fast, they never started laying.....so, they have begun now.  Let's hope it continues.  Homemade Biscuits (left over from Yesterday's strawberry shortcakes) with scrambled eggs for morning.......Delicious!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

St. Valentine's Day

This past Tuesday was my husband's birthday.  Due to my niece Mary's 1000th point game (yea!!!) and a meeting at my daughter's school, I didn't even get to see my hubby on Tuesday.  So we celebrated today with his mom, Nonni, my parents, his sister, brother in law and nephew.  It was a great meal.  Linguini with seafood sauce (for my mother-in-law) and a pork roast with apricots and pineapple (one of my favorites).  I made cranberry nut bread, strawberry shortcakes and a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting for dessert....everything was red, so it was fun!!!

My son came home for all of ten minutes tonight to say hello, took leftovers and headed back up to college.  My daughter went to a friend's house for a sleepover, so it's just me and the hubby watching the Olympics tonight!  The Amazing Race starts too, but we recorded that to watch a different day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Joyful Friday

Another list for the week of things that brought me joy or things that I'm trying to find joy in:
  • My niece, Mary, getting her 1000th point in her high school basketball career.  Our whole family was there for her and it was wonderful, exciting, joyful.....Congratulations Mary on your achievement.  Since the inception of the girls high school basketball, there have only been six girls who have achieved this milestone. 
  • Snow Day on Wednesday!!!
  • Pasatelli (soup that my dad only makes once in a blue moon).  I'll write a blog on it soon.
  • Zumba!
  • Still having all my jobs.....I'm more grateful than joyful.
  • Seeing both my boys this past weekend.
  • My husband's 46th birthday this past Tuesday!  Happy Birthday Thomas!
Where did you find JOY this week??

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A forecast of snow

Last night they said it would start early in the morning.  It did, but it is now 1:00 pm and there is only three inches on the ground.  They predicted 8 to 12" of snow.  I did not go to work today because of this and my daughter's school actually cancelled last night.  We will see if the snow actually comes.........

They are saying now that it will be here later this afternoon.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy Weekend

On Saturday afternoon, I attended my daughters first cheerleading competition of the season.  Although they were awesome, they came in fifth out of nine.  They have three more competitions this year.  My daughter was happy with the fifth place (although, I think it should have been third place) because last year, they came in last place....so, we are getting better!

Sunday was my Zumba Certification Basics #2.  It was a long day, but very well organized  and I always learn so much!!  Five more weeks until I start teaching!

I went to my brothers for Super Bowl Sunday.  I made it there before half time because Zumba ran a little late.  It was a great game and I'm so happy the Saints won! 

This morning, it is back to work as usual.  Have a great week.....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Joyful Friday

I really liked the idea of posting things that I find JOY in. 
  • Working (all my jobs - I wouldn't do them if I didn't like them).
  • Baking
  • Teaching my first Zumba Fitness class (it went well- very exciting).
  • Laughing with my friends until my cheeks hurt
  • Watching a cheerleading competition.
I'll try to post every Friday of the things that I found JOY in for that week.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The City Farm Girl wrote a blog on Chasing Joy.  I found it uplifting and beautiful.  I try to chase joy daily....sometimes it is a trial, sometimes it is very easy.  I try to find Joy in everything I do and THAT is not always easy.   Some of the things that I do find joy in:
  • My family (most of the time......)  :)
  • This morning when I got to sleep late because my daughter had a school delay
  • My dining room (weird, I know, but I love my Dining Room).  It brings me joy just to walk through it
  • My friends
  • Taking care of my hens (although three months now and no eggs!)
  • Church on Sunday and teaching CCD
  • Cooking....I really wish I had more time for this.
  • Reading (absolutely no time for this)
  • Crocheting.....47 out of 48 squares done now!!!
  • Zumba (Certification #2 coming up!)
  • The Superbowl
This isn't even half of the things that I consider joyful, but it is a start.  I'll post more this week. 
What are the joys in your life?