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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Showers of happiness

I attended a Bridal Shower this weekend with my friends (you all know how I love my friends)....

Just a few pictures of us...
For some reason, Donna didn't get into the photo - but she was busy with her new granddaughter (and I don't have a picture of her either!   

Oh well - love you girls!!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

What does the Fox say?

My sister in law has been telling me about a fox that she has seen on her deck.  She lives across the street from a cemetery with a lot of woods and she says the fox comes across the street to visit?  It is a baby fox, but the mama is also around and comes in her yard also.

We stopped by for a visit last night and we were sitting on her back deck, talking and laughing.  We were not at all quiet and here comes the baby fox on the deck, checking us out.  He/she walked around and then left.  I could not get my camera out quick enough.....but about 20 minutes later, the fox came back.  My pictures are not good, but this little thing was adorable and although it is a wild animal, it seemed to want to be near us.

It is in the very center of this photo and hard to make out.  I wish I had a better camera.


I have read a few books this summer.....I had some time!! LOL

So far, I have read.....

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty.  One of THE best books that I have ever read (and I have read a lot).

The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.  Another very good book.

Me Before You: A Novel by Jojo Moyes.....bring tissues!  Very powerful.  Makes you think!!  

Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim's Tale by Ian Morgan Cron.  Not a book I would usually read, but it takes place in Italy and discusses Francis of Assisi and really, it was very good!!

These were books that were recommended to me by a friend from Massachusetts and so far, she has been spot on!!

Next up....The Headmaster's Wife by Thomas Christopher Greene.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Berry time

I have made six and one half pints of red raspberry jam so far.  I have another four cups of berries in the freezer and I will pick more today, so I hope to make another six pints tonight!  

I have picked about one cup of my own raspberries (the others I get from my mother-in-law) and blueberries should start this week!

My pear tree is full....maybe even more full than last year!   They won't be ready for about two more months, but I can't wait!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

CSA #6

I haven't talked much about my CSA this year.  I decided to try a different farm because the other one was a little too far to go every week, because my old company moved from that town.

We decided to try an organic farm this year.  It is local (literally a five minute drive), and I thought I would love it.  However, the first five weeks have proven to be less than half of what we used to get.  I do understand the organic part (the other farm was considered an IPM - integrated pest management), so I guess a few less veggies would be alright - but these last few weeks have really been a lot less.  

This last week was the best so far though, so I thought I would show you.  The picture below shows everything we got (except for the eggs-those are from my chickens), and usually I have to split it with my sister.  For the next two weeks, I'll get the full CSA and then for the following two weeks, she will get the full CSA, due to vacation schedules.  So, I am happy this week as it is a much bigger haul and I get to keep it all!!

  Three small heads of red leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes (the grape tomatoes are from my sisters house), two small red tomatoes, two large red tomatoes and one yellow tomato, two paddy pan squash (new to me this year), two zucchini, three cucumbers, three eggplant, one small bag of swiss chard and three onions!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Library Visit

It has been a LONNNGG time since I took a child to a Library program at the local library.  I actually forgot how fun it is!!

I had the trips one afternoon last week and we went to a Balloon/clown program and although we missed most of it (I had the wrong time), they got a balloon hat and got to play in the children's room.   I forgot how many toys they have for kids!!  Sometimes, I think the books play second fiddle to the toys!

Sorry that the picture did not come out great!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Richard's Birthday

Our friend Richard turned 56 last week, so we threw him a small birthday party for friends and family!

He loves to come over and visit us and this time we also had his housemates over for his birthday picnic.

He enjoyed it and I think everyone else did also!  And my three kids came for it also!  Also kudos to our friend Kenny who took all the photos!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The job hunt is progressing

I had my first phone interview this week.  I think it went well, but I wasn't exactly what they needed.  They wanted someone with a little more experience managing a staff.  The last time I managed a staff was almost eight years ago.  I was honest about it!  I think you have to be!

Since the 10th of July, I have applied for 14 jobs (and many more prior to that).  I am trying to stay organized in writing each job down, the job number if there is one, when the resume/cover letter were sent, etc.  I have talked to three recruiters (who didn't have anything for me at this time), and there are two other recruiters that I have not heard from yet.   The resume has gone out to approximately 25 people (friends, family, people in the know).

Like I said before, it is a job looking for a job!  But I'm up to the challenge!  

And my hubby is my greatest supporter!  He is better at networking than I am!  He just knows so many more people!! LOL

I will update my progress weekly!  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Raspberries are ready

I picked my first batch of raspberries yesterday.  I didn't have time to make jam or jelly and I really only had enough for a small batch (about four cups).  So I ams waiting until tomorrow to pick more berries and I'll make some jam on Sunday.

So far this year, I have made mulberry jelly and violet jelly.  My plan is to not make as much as I did last year, because I still have quite a bit left.  I'm still working on the blueberry jelly from last year and it is just about blueberry season again!!!  If anyone needs jam let me know!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Newport....the good, the bad and the ugly

We took a day trip to Newport, RI to visit the hubby's family who are on vacation!

The good:  it ended up being a beautiful day, walking around downtown, having lunch on one of the marinas and then coming back to the condo to sit by the pool and soak up some sun.  We cooked dinner in and enjoyed the time watching the the World Cup!

The bad:  We pulled into Newport into one of the parking lots next to the condo where the family was staying and a huge truck did NOT look in the rearview mirrors or side mirrors.  The girl was collecting the fee for the parking lot at my drivers side door and the truck proceeded to back up!  As we are shouting for them to stop, the young girl jumped out of the way and the truck hit my door.  He literally almost smashed the girl between his truck and my Sorrento!    

The ugly:  As we were screaming to the driver to stop, I put out my arm to stop the truck out my window (like I could stop a truck!!!???) and ended up with a huge black and blue from my elbow to my shoulder!   My arm is sore, but otherwise, no one was injured!  But I will need a new door!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The job hunt...

Job hunting is actually a JOB!  I spend every weekday morning on the computer from about 7:30/8:00 to about 11:30/12:00 looking, applying, writing cover letters, etc.

I apply to all jobs where I know I can do a great JOB!!  However, I am trying to broaden my horizons, applying for jobs that interest me, but aren't necessarily in my spectrum.  Academic jobs, healthcare jobs, etc.

My goal is to apply for 3-4 jobs per day.  And so far, that is what I am doing!   Something will happen. The window has to open at some point! :)

I would really like to just get an interview, as I haven't had one of those in a long time and they tell me the interview process is extremely different than it used to be.  So, onward and upward!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 4th (July 6th)

Here in CT, July 4th was a washout - rainy, bleak, miserable and cold - not what we expect!

We were supposed to have a picnic with about 50 people for July 4th, but on July 3rd, we knew it was not going to work out, so we changed the date to the 6th!  And Sunday, the 6th of July was absolutely gorgeous!!  Beautiful weather, perfect, no humidity.  We only had about 35 people, but it was a great time!

Egg toss, water balloon toss, lots of picnic food, etc.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge - Part 2

We woke up on the second day and my sister hit the gym first and then I went down and by the time I was done, all three of the trips were up.  After breakfast, we went down to the lobby to have a Nature Walk.  It is done by the Great Wolf Lodge workers and the kids learn about the animals (bears, wolves, raccoons, squirrels, etc).  After that was over, we met Wiley - the male wolf character.

Then we went up to the room to pack up the car and change into our bathing suits.  The boys and I were in the water park by 10:00!  My sister and my niece wanted to go to the rope park first.  This time I got to use the hot tub for a little while, while the boys played basketball in the pool.  After we all did the lazy river, we went over to the other water park for the wave pool and kiddie area and the big rides again.  It was restful and relaxing!

Around 1:00, the kids were starving, so, we used the showers/changing room facilities - which were excellent!  We headed to the car to make lunch and got on the road by 2:00.

All in all - a wonderful mini-vacation that I recommend wholeheartedly!