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Monday, December 31, 2012

Presents for Richard

Since Richard has become part of our family of late, (he has no family at all), friends of ours were kind enough to give him some wonderful Christmas gifts.

He was very excited!
 Richard with his Storm's hat from Barbara and Kenny!
 Richard with his new Uconn shirt from Barbara and Kenny!!
 Below is Richard with me and he is wearing his new Pittsburgh Steeler hat from Gayle!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sitting by the fire on a Saturday night at home

There is nothing better!

Winter Storm

I'm not sure of the name of this winter storm (or if they even gave it one this time)!

We were supposed to get between 3-6".  But there is between 9-10" out there!

We were all home last night on a beautiful Saturday night with the fire roaring!  The kids and my hubby went out about 9:30 pm when it was just about over to shovel and snowblow the driveway, walkways and patio.

These are pictures from this morning with all the shoveling done.

 This is from my back door.  The table top shows the amount we got.
 This a zoomed in shot of my bushes.  They are usually straight and tall, but the weight of the snow has separated all the limbs and it looks like it is dead - it does this at every storm!
This picture is from my front door, towards the driveway (which looks great) and the road (not so great!)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas Day - My mom with all of her 15 grandchildren.  She is very blessed!


We received about 1/2 to 1 inch of Snow on Christmas Eve....just enough to set the mood ( and to make the drive to midnight mass a little dicey!)  And then the day after Christmas, we received about four inches, but now the rain has messed all of that up!

Looking forward to a little more snow to take the triplets sledding and maybe even some frozen ponds so my daughter and I can go ice skating before she goes back down south!!  

Maria is wishing for snow????  Something is very wrong with that!!  I think it's because we really haven't had a winter in two years!  

This is my dad in the snow taken two years ago, when we had the winter of all winters!  He was shoveling which makes me smile!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Night

Outside, in front of a huge bonfire, after dinner and presents and drinks and desserts....my brothers and sisters and I.  We are lucky to all be together each year for Christmas Day! 

Today, I am counting my blessings!!!  I hope your Christmas was merry and bright!  God Bless! 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Making Cappelletti

We get together twice a year to make our annual Christmas and Thanksgiving Italian dinners.  This past weekend, we did the Cappelletti for Christmas.

Too many people there to mention names, but we had a lot of hands which made light work.

Two hours and 475 cappelletti later, we are ready for Christmas Day soup!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Poem for the Children

Twas’ 11 days before Christmas, around 9:38
When 20 beautiful children stormed through heaven’s gate.
Their smiles were contagious, their laughter filled the air.
They could hardly believe all the beauty they saw there.
They were filled with such joy; they didn’t know what to say.
They remembered nothing of what had happened earlier that day.
“Where are we?” asked a little girl, as quiet as a mouse.
“This is heaven” declared a small boy. “We’re spending Christmas at God’s house”.
When what to their wondering eyes did appear,
But Jesus, their savior, the children gathered near.
He looked at them and smiled, and they smiled just the same.
Then He opened His arms and He called them by name.
And in that moment was joy, that only heaven can bring,
Those children all flew into the arms of their King…
And as they lingered in the warmth of His embrace,
One small girl turned and looked at Jesus’ face.
And as if He could read all the questions she had,
He gently whispered to her, “I’ll take care of mom and dad.
Then He looked down on earth, the world far below…
He saw all of the hurt, the sorrow, and woe…
Then He closed His eyes and He outstretched His hand,
“Let My power and presence re-enter this land!
“May this country be delivered from the hands of fools”
“I’m taking back this nation. I’m taking back the schools!
“Then He and the children stood up without a sound.
“Come now my children let me show you around.
“Excitement filled the space, some skipped and some ran…
All displaying enthusiasm that only a small child can.
And I heard Him proclaim as He walked out of sight,
In the midst of this darkness, “I am still the Light.”
~ by Cameo Smith
This poem was read by one of our Knights of Columbus in church on Sunday.  It is on one of the trees dedicated to the children in Newtown.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

"Best of the Best"

My son just graduated from the Police Academy here in my state.

It was a very moving, very dramatic, very nice ceremony!   And I can honestly say, that not only was I impressed with the ceremony, but I was extremely happy  to learn that my son was given the "best of the best" award - the TFC Tuskowski award, for having the highest score overall (GPA, Marksmanship, physical fitness and patrol driving) and plus being chosen by his peers as the best of the best in the academy.

There were no words for me!  I am so proud...God has blessed him.  There were 19 members of our family there to see him reach this milestone.     And then when his Police chief and one of his future co-workers found out, they were so psyched for him.  (But no one could be more psyched than his mom).   He was the best in his class of 49 cadets.....GOD is SO GOOD!

 Rick and his chief and other officer.
 Rick and his uncles and brother!
 Rick and his grandmother. 

 Rick and the family
 Rick and Becky
 Rick and Becky's family
Rick and some of his first cousins and bro and sis.  

And this is one with the orb.  The orb is his dad.  He shows up in at least one picture all the time.  RIP Rich - but we are glad you were there for Ricky tonight!  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Overcome with emotion

Right now, there are just  too many things swirling through my brain to make a lot of sense.

The whole Newtown "thing" is just so fresh and so raw and so emotional here ......literally only 15 minutes away.  I know people who went to school there, I know police officers who are patrolling there, I know Knights of Columbus volunteers who are working there, I know people in my building who are doing so much for them, I know of counselors who have to counsel the children....it is just still so uncomprehensible.

Prayers just don't seem enough, but I'm at a loss as to what to do?  Money seems so impersonal.  I don't know.......I just don't know.

My husband's police dept. is sending squads of men there to help with the freaking media and funerals.....It is so senseless.  I am still trying to pray, but I am having a hard time.  My brother had one of the "private funerals" at his church - it was a secret (imagine trying to keep a secret from the freaking media) and he had to stand guard so the freaking Westboro Baptist church didn't come....how do you deal with that on an emotional level......I am so overwhelmed.....I don't think I am alone.  I am not alone.  I know there are so many people out there having such a hard time with this and they know no one who was actually killed.  Thank GOD!

Faith is sometimes all we have.    I thank GOD that I have my faith!  

Just a lot of random thoughts.....My next blog will be so much better......but for tonight....My prayers are for the James Mattioli family.    This little boy looks just like my Dominic and like my Brody (the trip).   I can't get him out of head and the tears just don't stop.  Prayers......even if you aren't a religious person....say a prayer or an ode or whatever you believe.....Just stop and think.

Matthew 19:14 

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

Lots going on

I have a lot of things going on this week.  Tonight is my son's graduation from the Police Academy.  Tomorrow is my cookie swap.  I have been trying to "wrap" up Christmas and get all the last minute things done.  Plus I am trying to get all my extra bookkeeping accounts done before end of year.

The good news is that my cookies are made.
My pretzel treats are made.
My cards are sent.
Presents are wrapped (thanks to Elizabeth).

Now I just have to do all the food shopping for Christmas Eve!

I will blog more over the weekend, with a lot of pictures!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fall CSA Week 5

This is the last week of our fall CSA! 

I will miss it, but June, 2013 will be here soon enough!

Fall Box 
1 bunch of hakurei turnips or radishes
1/2 lb bag of asian salad mix
3/4lb bag of braising greens
1 brussel sprout stalk with leaves 
1 1/2lbs sweet potatoes or regular potatoes
1 toscano kale top
2 lb bag of mixed root veggies (beets, carrots, & turnips)
1 butternut squash
2 ears of popcorn

Friday, December 14, 2012

Angels in Heaven

There are a lot of new angels in heaven today.....I don't know why....but God bless them and protect them. 

Prayers are sent up to all those affected.....it is so, so close to home. 

There are no words!


In our CSA box, we sometimes receive these dried out cobs of corn!  All you do is literally flick off the little pieces into a pan with oil just covering the bottom.  Put the flame on medium and shake the pan (with a cover on) for about three minutes or so.  Add salt (and butter) if you so desire and Voila!  Popcorn for your evening snack. 

I had the trips last night so this worked wonderfully!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


My niece plays basketball at the University of St. Joseph (it used to be St. Joseph's College) in West Hartford, CT.

Last week, we took a ride up to watch her play a game!

She did great!  And her team won by two points!   She is number two (although it's hard to tell from my pictures!).

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I know I blog about Nonni alot, but she really is an incredible woman.  Although, she is pretty much homebound now, she is still doing well.  Obviously, she has her good and her bad days, but for the most part, we can't complain!

At her birthday party this past week, five generations of women were in attendance!

This is Nonni with her great-great granddaughter Gia!

And here is the great-grandmother, the grandmother and the mom who also enjoyed the day with nonni and Gia!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Nonni's 101st Birthday

Yesterday, we celebrated Nonni's 101st birthday with a party at the house, and of course, a massive cannoli cake!

There were 21 members of her family present and I think she had a good time!

Her first great-great-grandchild was born six weeks ago, and she was in attendance also!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fall CSA Week 4

Here is what I am getting today:

Fall Box

1 head of cabbage
1 brussel sprout stalk with leaves
escarole or lettuce (1,2 or 3 heads depending on size)
2 lbs. of potatoes
a bunch of leeks
2 lb bag of mixed carrots, turnips and beets
2 carnival dumpling or delicata winter squash OR 1 butternut squash

If I can get a butternut squash, I will!

Potato leek soup this week!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Freebies for November

Cepacol Throat Lozenges
Crest Toothpaste - sample size
Nescafe Memento Coffee Beverage - Caramel Latte
Nescafe Memento Coffee Beverage - Mocha
Bic Pencils - Six Pack
BB foundation
Three Gourds from the CSA
Indian Corn from the CSA
TD Bank Grocery Bag (extra large)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New digs for the chickens

My two chickens, even with their wings clipped, have figured out how to get out of their coop and take off down the street.  My neighbors are finding them in their yard, two houses down!  I have never had chickens who love to travel as much as these two.

Something had to be done!

So, on Sunday morning, after early mass, my two boys and I worked our buns off setting up new poles and chicken wire, which extends at least six feet in the air.  We blocked all means of escape.  The two chickens sat on top of the coop and when they tried to get over the fence, they realized they couldn't leave.....it was actually hilarious watching chickens realize that their fun has come to an end!

 The coop is 21' by 12' - so plenty big by coop standards!!
 These are the new poles.  Some are cemented into the ground, so they are aren't going anywhere.
 Cyrus watching!
 I am using official chicken wire!  Usually, I always used whatever was hanging around!
 A view of their sleeping coop straight ahead and their laying coop to the left. 

But don't feel sorry for the traveling duo, they have enough space for a dozen chickens, two coops in which to choose to lay and/or sleep and plenty of food!  They are fat hens....I treat them good, so they give my eggs each day!  I really need two more hens, but that will have to wait until spring!