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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The 100th Birthday Party

What a party!!!

Nonni turned 100 on Thursday - we had the party last night at the local Italian hall and it was wonderful.  We had a four piece band, about 90 people, all of her children, grandchildren and all but one great grandchild who was away at college.....People came from as far as Indiana.

 Susie, a granddaughter putting on the corsage.

 Nonni and her two daughters.

 One Beautiful Lady!!!

 The family before the guests started to arrive!

 All of her great grandchildren!!

 The entire family...

 With her two daughters and Uncle Louie.
 Aunt Jenny's side of the family!
 With her children and grandchildren only.

 Inez side of the family!

 Our family with Nonni!

 Thomas and I with Nonni!

 Nonni with her god daughter Diana. 

 Nonni about to cut the cake!

 Cutting the cake!

 Dancing at her 100th!!

 Everyone dancing with her!!!

Everyone enjoyed her dancing.  She got up three times to dance, when she liked the music!!!!  It was a great party!!!  So much food and good times.....

I thought about it a little.  How many times in a person's life to they get to attend a 100th birthday party grand celebration?  Not many.   We are all very lucky!!!

I'm heading over there now to see her and to eat some leftovers!!


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Bless her! :)

Robj98168 said...

Happy Birthday to your Nonni- She has the look of wisdom and knowledge that one only gets through the years!

Abbi said...

How very fun! That is a pretty special time.