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Friday, April 25, 2014

It's Wine Time (and we are late to the game)

Hubby decided to make wine again this year, and to make enough of it, so that he only does it once a year (started in October and bottled in March) and once it is bottled, it is done! (until October again!)

Unfortunately, due to his rotator cuff surgery, we never got the wine bottled in March, so here it is the end of April and last night, we were able to bottle two (of five) of the demi-johns.  He made two demi-johns of Chianti, two of Barbera and one Muscatel.  The Muscatel (a white wine) is OMG awesome.  Clear, delicious, a hint of sweetness, and a hint of homemade (if you have ever had homemade, you will know what I am talking about). 

We came out with 53 bottles last night and we gave my brother two bottles, and my mom one bottle of white (which is her favorite).  So fifty bottles are now in our cold room, sitting, and they just need to be labeled.  We plan on doing another demi-john this weekend and then two more during the week next week, so that all bottling is completely done by May 1st!  (My ancestors are turning over in their graves because we are so late to the bottling process - but oh well). 

We were a little frazzled last night because the corker wasn't working as well as it did last time (it is very old).  So, I went to my moms house and got my dad's corker and it worked like a charm (thank you, daddy!).  These are corkers, to those who don't know. 

The first photo is supposedly a vintage corker, but let me tell you, my brothers is much, much older.  The second one is a newer version. 

Anyway, because I was frazzled, I forgot to take photos, so hopefully, I will do that this weekend!   Fedora and all! 

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