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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Apple Picking

We took the trips on our annual apple picking trip today.  We usually like to go the first weekend that the orchard opens so we can get our Honeycrisp apples!  However, we couldn't make it in September, so this was the day!

I have to say that the pickings were not great this year - the first time in many years!   We tried to get McIntosh -they were all gone.  We tried to get Mutsu apples (similar to Golden Delicious) and we really had to pick through them - they were really spotted with brown spots.   However, the Mutsu were the BEST tasting apples.  I had never tried them before because they had never been ready when we visit the orchard in September!!  We tried the Enterprise Apples (I had never heard of them) and they were really tart!  Our best bet was the Fuji apple, so most of our apples were Fuji.  I didn't get too many as I just wanted to make an apple pie and get some for eating this week.

The best part of the trip is always the Cider Donuts!  They are SOO good at this farm!  My sister also got a half gallon of cider for her trip to VT.

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