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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Although it has been a while since I posted, I plan on catching up on posts this weekend.  Tomorrow (Sunday), I plan on cooking all day.  It is my passion and I love to be able to create!

Pastichetta (Not sure of the exact spelling but to those of you who know what it is, you won't care!).  It is my grandmother's recipe and I made it once last month and it came out awesome....so I am doing it again.

Soup - because it is that time of the year.  For my last CSA, I got escarole and carrots and onions and I am throwing them in the pot with stock I had made a couple of months ago!!  

Stuffed cabbage - because the last two weeks of CSA, I got two heads of cabbage and my son and I can only eat so much cole slaw!  Although I do see pulled pork coming up this coming week!!

Stuffed peppers - because I need to get rid of stuff in the refrigerator!!  

Broccoli - I just need to cook it!  I have had it for almost a week and I refuse to let veggies go bad on my watch.

I have more ideas, but I think that is all I will be able to handle tomorrow.  I also have to do the weeks shopping and go to church and clean demi-johns with the hubby.

(More on cleaning demi-johns this week!)

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