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Friday, January 18, 2013

Back to life, back to reality

It doesn't take long after a beautiful vacation to get right back into the swing of things.  In some ways that is very sad.  No time to savor the wonderful feelings of friendship, the sun, the sand and the beauty.     But if anything, I'm a realist, and I jumped right back into the fray, after my vacation in the Turks!

The pictures don't do the island justice.  We were on Taylor Bay and we also visited Grace Bay and had dinner downtown there.  I was able to take an excursion with Diane who had a car, and we did a little sight seeing.  The main island is only about 15 miles long (we only went to the main island).  The airport was close by and so was the hospital, that the islanders (the belongers, as they call themselves) were proud of.

These pictures are all taken from the villa of our Taylor Bay Beach and area.

The four pictures above were taken at Grace Bay. 

Although, EVERYTHING is imported onto the island, the food was good.  I don't know how they survive though, because the prices are just so expensive.  I will be happy to go back to Shop Rite and will gladly pay their prices.  

We were fortunate to stay at a villa, with two parts.  One part was a five bedroom, six bathroom Key West style home with gorgeous views of Taylor Bay and one of Dick Clark's homes.  The second part was a separate "boat house" with another two bedrooms, two baths, kitchenette and living room area.  We had our own pool also.

Running in the sun again felt like heaven.  I got in a four mile run, one zumba  class and then a two mile run.  In no humidity, 80 degree weather, it was a pleasure!

Now I am off to work....but it is Friday....I can't complain at all!!

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Yvette Niesel said...

Thanks for sharing your memories. How beautiful!!