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Friday, November 22, 2013

Now, I am really behind..

I can't keep up with my blog this month - Life just keeps getting in the way!!  Sometimes, good things get in the way and sometimes, not so good things.  We have to keep plugging along!  

Next week, I'll have pictures of Ravioli night - our annual tradition!  This weekend is the Festival of Trees at our Catholic Grammar School.  I won't be able to attend, but I get to set everything up tonight!  If you happen to attend, I made the snowman tree!  

14.  I am grateful to my boss for remembering my favorite drink at Starbucks - the gingerbread latte that only comes out once a year.  It is the ONLY thing that I get from Starbucks.  And he remembers EVERY year!

15.  I am grateful for the ability to help a friend with prayers when they are desperately needed.  I haven't said this many rosaries in a long time.  Glad to do it!

16.  I am thankful to have my jobs over this Christmas season and to cash flow another Christmas.  No debt!

17.  I am very grateful to my former partner, Lauren, who recommended me for a job teaching Zumba and I got it!  

18.  I know I said this one before....but only four more days now until I see my daughter.  It will be 100 days without her.......OMG!

19.  I am grateful for TWO days off next week!  Thanksgiving Day and the day I sleep in (Black Friday) - I don't shop, so I catch up on sleep on that day!!!!   I have no plans, except to have a drink with a friend in the evening! 

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