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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cookie Swap

We had our annual Cookie Swap last weekend with my girls!   We did it a little different this year.

We went to our local museum (which is an old homestead on a farm) and took the tour.  The house is decorated for Christmas and it was truly beautiful.  My sister and I had been many times in the past, but most of my ladies had not seen it all and didn't know the history.  It's funny how you can live in a town for 20 years or more and not have seen it all.  I still find new things all the time!!  

After the museum tour, we went back to my sister's house where she prepared a lasagna dinner with salad and bread and wine!!   It was a feast and then after the feast, came the cookies.  There were seven different kinds this time!  I don't have pictures of the cookies, but I have one of the girls!

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