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Friday, February 17, 2012

The linen closet

Let me start by telling you that I WISHED I had taken a before and after picture!  If you had seen my linen closet, you would have been mortified (unless you know me well enough to know that I have no time for cleaning!). 

So last night after Zumba at 9:00 pm, I had a hankering to just clean the linen closet - truly, it was a disaster.  I had so much stuff in there, that I didn't know what I had in there. 

I have now wittled it down to five sets up twin bed sheets and two sets of queen sheets.  There are a few throws and a few blankets on the top shelf that we hardly ever use.  I found about 20 facecloths and about 10 hand towels and only about six regular towels.  I also keep gift bags and pictures and the vacuum in there.....

I got rid of about 5 sheets that were old, holey and just bad.  About five pillow cases that were match-less to any sheets that I had.  I had full sheets in there and I don't even have a full bed in the house???  I had old mattress pad covers and old sheets from my first marriage (pretty pathetic).  Needless to say, I got rid of two bags of linens (to go towards a fundraiser next month).  The closet is now beautiful and clean.

I had gotten an idea from Money Saving Mom, one of the blogs that I read that you should organize your linens, by keeping them all together.  Growing up at my mom's house, the sheets were in one pile (all different sizes) and the pillow cases were in a drawer below.  You always had to search to find what you need (but my mom's linen closet is a story for another day!) HOWEVER, if you fold up the flat sheet and the fitted sheet and slip it into the pillow case (to make it look like a pillow), you will always have your sheets organized and ready and no one has to go through tons of different sheets to find what they need!  (Maybe, you all already do this, but honestly, I was floored by this simplistic approach!). 
This is the pillow case with the sheets in it and folded in half.  The next time my son needs to change his sheets he just takes a twin bed set.  So easy!

However, I do realize that a trip to either Bed, Bath and Beyond or Walmart is in order.  Because I need some good towels.!


Kendi said...

Nice work! I love that feeling of accomplishment you get after tackling a project like that. Thanks for the tip on organizing linens. Someday when I have time to tackle a project like this I will definitely use that tip!

Nancy Claeys said...

Now that's an awesome idea! If I had more people in the house, I'd definitely adopt this routine. :)