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Thursday, February 9, 2012

New chicks

I talked with Lauren at the Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy this week.  Besides doing conservation and research on Waterfowl, they also work with chickens. 

My sister, who is the recreation director at a local nursing/rehab home, is having fertilized eggs delivered (from the Conservancy) to the residents at the nursing home.  The residents will watch the eggs under heat lamps and then watch them hatch.  Once the eggs hatch and the baby chicks are here, I am getting some of the chicks!  They should hatch around March 27th or so, so I should have my new babies by Easter! 

To anyone who would like to try raising hens this spring, let me know if you would like some chicks.  Lauren has told me that she thinks I will get barred rock, sumatra, brown and white leghorn, Rhode Island Red and americauna chicks.  I told her that I don't want the sumatra or brown leghorns (they aren't the best layers), but I'll take the others.  White Leghorns lay white eggs - I've never raised hens that have white eggs!  

Very exciting and something to plan for!

PS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my wonderful hubby!  (and NO, Thomas, you are not 39 again today!)

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