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Friday, March 29, 2013

A dreaded chore

I will be the first to admit that cleaning is NOT my forte.   I would rather cook, work in the yard, garden or clean a chicken coop, then dust and vacuum, etc.

However, yesterday, I had no choice.  The stove/oven was a hot mess (literally!).

Let me start out by saying, we have had two smoke detectors sitting on the counter for over a month.  They were old and no longer worked.  So with only one smoke detector in the whole house, I had my son go out and buy two brand new ones and my other son installed them.  Then as usual, I cooked.  and the smoke detectors kept going off.  But I wasn't burning anything, but my oven was (as I stated before) a hot mess, so hubby, said to me, "Maria, I think you need to clean the oven"!   That was mortifying.....Yes, obviously, I needed to clean the oven.  I can't remember the last time I did it.

So overnight on Wednesday, the oven cleaned itself (yes, I know I can't even do that!).  We had to take down the smoke detectors (we hid them in the bathroom) and close off the bedrooms and open the windows a little bit - it was that bad!

I woke up really early on Thursday to take care of the new chickens (blog post to come this weekend) and then got to working on the stove/oven.  Knobs came off, the under drawer came out, I took apart the whole thing and scrubbed and cleaned and I think I have to buy stock in S.O.S. pads!

It took well over an hour.  And I felt like I needed a shower after I did it!

So, now my stove is SO clean, I don't want to use it....and guess what?  Easter is coming this weekend and I need to be the cooking and baking fool......so here we go again!

(What is your dreaded chore?)

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Yvette Niesel said...

I pretty much hate anything that doesn't involve me and a sofa or a bed. LOL

I like doing laundry though.