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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Did you ever say yes to an event just to help sponsor it, not that you really wanted to go?  This past weekend, I attended a fundraiser for Post Prom for our local high school.  I support the Post Prom every year in some capacity, because my kids really enjoyed it when they did it!  (Flocking is post prom and so are all the Casino trips/posts).  I was tired Friday night, I had worked all week and honestly, I just wanted to collapse on the couch.  But I went to the fundraiser!

Anyway, this fundraiser was a band that was from my high school from 30 + years ago.  They had broken up way back when and recently got together.  Well, time did not change much!   They were awesome.  Southern Rock - and I could listen to them for hours (and I did).
It was held in a local banquet hall and the amount of people that showed up to listen was unbelievable.  It was like a class reunion for about 25 different classes!   I saw a lot of old friends and of course, my regular friends were all there also!!  Hundreds of people came to see the band!   What a tribute!  

I am so glad that I attended.  It was a great party and the Post Prom Committee made a lot of money.  There were raffles - my good friend won a Kindle Fire HD, my sister-in-law won the 50/50 raffle and my other sister-in-law won a basket prize!

I will attend this fundraiser if they ever have it again!  

(Ladies - I told you I would be blogging about this party - LOL)

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