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Friday, July 12, 2013

Air conditioner is NOT fixed!

The A/C started leaking again.  It seems as soon as we shut it off (when the temp gets good), it starts pouring out water.  Another technician came yesterday.  He told us, it looks like this one needs to be replaced.  Okay, but I don't have $5,000.00 for a new machine.....

So, right now, we are thankful for the overhead fans in our rooms and the cooler temperatures (no humidity) that Mother Nature is throwing our way! 

We have the tiniest of windows in our home and the smallest air conditioners do not fit!  We know, we tried!  The windows don't seem to open all the way (they are old and really need to be replaced also!)...so our next step is one of those A/C units that sits on the floor and gets vented out a window.  One should be able to cool the whole main floor.  The whole main floor is only about 900-1000 square feet, so I think it will be okay!  Hubby is out and about shopping now. 


Levi Eslinger said...

“...this one needs to be replaced.” - This may not be the result we would like to hear, but if the suggestion came from a licensed and trusted technician, it'd be for the best to replace the whole thing. It'd be more expensive to have it repaired over and over. Besides, broken A/C can cause you more on your utility bill. Lucky you have fans to use, but I still hope you'll be able to find a replacement for this A/C.

--->Levi Eslinger @ CapitalPlumbing.ca

Lashon Cheatham said...

Did the repairman say what the cause of the leak was? If he didn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised. There are so many causes of AC leaks that it’s often impossible to find out what exactly caused it in a particular case. Well, I hope you were able to replace your unit.

Lashon Cheatham

Ambrose said...

When our HVAC unit died the service man told us about $5,000 too. We didn't have it so we did exactly like you guys. My husband found a small window unit for the living room and one for our bedroom, and they work perfectly. We spent about $300 total and the house is super cool even on the hottest of days. Our electric bill is low now too.

Ambrose @ Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.