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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New A/C being installed today

The heat has been brutal here in CT.  It finally broke on Sunday afternoon, however, the humidity has remained.  We finally got rain last night - it was a welcome relief!   But the humidity is still overpowering.

The new A/C unit is being installed this morning!  Last night, I had to go up in the attic (YUK) and clean it out where they were going to be doing the work.  Of course, all my Christmas boxes had to come down and suitcases and everything we don't use normally was in the area of the old/new A/C unit.

The Good News....We cleaned out two garbage cans FULL of stuff from the attic!!  ;0)
The Bad News....My dining room looks like Christmas in July!!  

But after today, who cares....I'll be able to breathe and sleep again!!!!

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Terry Williams said...

I can only imagine how grateful you are when the rain fell that warm night! Good thing you were able to replace your aircon right away. It’s been a while now. I hope you’re not having any trouble with your aircon. How are you now, Maria? :)

Terry Williams