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Monday, November 3, 2014


I opted to go trick or treating with my sister and the trips this year.  Hubby had to work and I really didn't want to give out candy alone, so off we went!

We did my mom's neighborhood first - we like to visit with our old neighbors and they like to see the trips!!

Then we did my sister's neighborhood.  Her hubby stayed at the house and made a nice bonfire in the front yard and gave out candy.  We walked the streets to all of her neighbors!

It wasn't too cold and the rain held off until we got back to her house!   These are both friends and family pictures!!  Bruno loved being a werewolf and trying to bite people!!  Cassidy was a princess of course!  Brody was a vampire.  (Adrianna and Michaela (friends) were supergirl and a cowgirl) and Cristina was scary creature!!

My brother Chris, my niece Kailee and a friend of the family decided to do their yearly haunt.  They do a great job of decorating and usually bring multiple children to tears of fright each Halloween.  They were very good at it this year.....scaring both adults and children!!!   

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