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Thursday, May 14, 2015


We love going south to Florida to our "other" home.  We meet new people all the time and some of our dearest friends down there are in their eighties!

My camera did not take good pictures in the house, but these are our friends, Josie and Bobo!!

One day it rained (it rained a few days, actually) and we decided to go shopping to the mall.  We have been down there for six years and have never had a bad day to spend at a mall, but this time, we had a few days!  The mall is huge and very nice.
I met these two in the middle.....

 Some photos of the beach.  This time my husband actually went in the water.  I have known him for almost 15 years and he had never stepped foot in the water, so this was amazing.....I forgot to take a photo of him because I was so shocked!
This photo is outside one of our favorite restaurants down there, The Bonefish Grille!

The photo above is one of our new favorite restaurants at the Mercado - The Rusty Bucket

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