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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Book Signing/Reading

I went to my first Book Signing/Book Reading this week.  The author spoke about living in the Valley in the 50's and 60's (when it was a wonderful place to be).  The book deals with multiple decades and the setting is a little place called Vonetes which used to be downtown.  It was a soda shoppe.  I was never there as a child, but most of the people in attendance last night had been there and everyone had fond memories.  The book is a love story and deals with a factory explosion (true) and a restaurant gas explosion (true) and the death of a president (true). The author stated that the book was 70% true, so I actually can't wait to start reading it!

The book is called Palace of Sweets and the author is a friend named Sal Coppola.  He ran out of books last night, so I have to order one on Amazon and then I will also download it to my kindle.

FYI - it would make a great Christmas present to those folks who grew up and around the area as most of the places in the book will be familiar to them!

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