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Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Appliances

My stove went last week.  The stovetop worked but the inside died out.  It was 16 years old and so was the microwave (which was cracked and scary).  So we bit the bullet and bought two new appliances.  We had gift cards and an appliance fund, so it wasn't as bad as we thought.  Now, we have matching appliances (Fridge, micro and stove) and the only thing that doesn't match is the dishwasher......but one thing at a time!!!

The new stove has the center burner which is what I wanted for when I make my sauce or my big pot of chicken or beef stock.  My stove is well used and since we went with black, I don't think it shows the dirt or stains as much!! And I need that!!  We went with black appliances because I am not a fan of stainless.

It has been an expensive year with new windows, a new driveway and now two new appliances....

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