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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Always a fun night when the dog gets sprayed

....by a skunk at 12:00 midnight.

Hubby didn't see the skunk, but he knew that he got sprayed, as soon as he let the dog out for one last pee!  Hubby's scream got me out bed!

I thank GOD it wasn't a direct hit - we actually smelled it in the house, from the windows, before the smell came to us from the dog!

Since it wasn't a direct hit, it only took one quart of hydrogen peroxide and one small box of baking soda to work it's magic.  I also thank GOD that my husband likes to plan in advance and we just happened to have an extra two quarts of hydrogen peroxide in the cold room for "just in case".    Garbage bag dresses and latex gloves are the clothing of choice when a skunk sprays!

I can't get the smell out of my nose, but it is out of my dog!!!!



Maryanne said...

Glad to see that you referred to the dog as "my dog". I saw a skunk strollng down my street early this morning when I took Delaney out - we quickly turned and went the other way! Of course Delaney wanted to run right up to it - I know who to call if he ever gets sprayed.

Yvette Niesel said...

We rented a house once with a crawl space that skunks liked to nest in. If something scared them, they would spray and the whole house would smell like skunk for days! Completely awful.