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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Travelers

This was my son and niece getting ready to get in the car to take them to the airport for their 2 week adventure of backpacking across Italy.  My other nephew showed up late and I got his picture in there too!!

How many of us would like to be 23, 24, or 25 years old and be taking off on an adventure of a life time?  They are staying in Youth Hostels (which from my recollection of Italy in the 1980's were scary places), but from what Kailee, my niece has said, the hostels are "beautiful" - at least the one they are staying at in Rome!  They were doing the tour - 48 hours of taking busses all over Rome whenever and where ever you want to go (for 18.00 euros) - very good price!

We are lucky because they are able to email us through smart phones or some app called Viver.  My son  got a beautiful shot of the sunrise from the airplane (but he sent it to my daughter, so I don't have it! ;(

They will be traveling all over Italy and if Rick gets his way, they will take a detour to Poland to see some European Soccer Game?  Anyway, I'll post pictures if they send any and will keep you abreast of their adventure!

On the other hand, my other son is with five other people in the Dominican Republic!  He also left on Saturday morning, but at 4:30 in the morning and he slept at a friends house, so I have no pictures!  However, today, he sent me a beautiful picture of a white sand and blue water beach!  They have plans to golf, snorkel and zipline!  He is only away for a week!

And on the other hand (if you have another one?), my mom left for Italy six days ago!  She is doing the three week extravaganza with her cousin.  They are staying in Convents!  Who knew that convents rent out rooms to travelers (for a phenomenal price) with breakfast all over the country of Italy!  She is also detouring to Switzerland!  All our extended family is over there and she is making the rounds to see everyone!  Her last stop will be at the Hotel Roma in Senigalia, on the beach (the Adriatic Sea).

Everyone is on an adventure and I am home working.....what is wrong with that picture!

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