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Friday, December 21, 2012

"Best of the Best"

My son just graduated from the Police Academy here in my state.

It was a very moving, very dramatic, very nice ceremony!   And I can honestly say, that not only was I impressed with the ceremony, but I was extremely happy  to learn that my son was given the "best of the best" award - the TFC Tuskowski award, for having the highest score overall (GPA, Marksmanship, physical fitness and patrol driving) and plus being chosen by his peers as the best of the best in the academy.

There were no words for me!  I am so proud...God has blessed him.  There were 19 members of our family there to see him reach this milestone.     And then when his Police chief and one of his future co-workers found out, they were so psyched for him.  (But no one could be more psyched than his mom).   He was the best in his class of 49 cadets.....GOD is SO GOOD!

 Rick and his chief and other officer.
 Rick and his uncles and brother!
 Rick and his grandmother. 

 Rick and the family
 Rick and Becky
 Rick and Becky's family
Rick and some of his first cousins and bro and sis.  

And this is one with the orb.  The orb is his dad.  He shows up in at least one picture all the time.  RIP Rich - but we are glad you were there for Ricky tonight!  


Julia said...

So very happy for Ricky! Congrats to him and you! xxoo (FYI, crying at my desk)

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Congratulations! You deserve to be proud!