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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New digs for the chickens

My two chickens, even with their wings clipped, have figured out how to get out of their coop and take off down the street.  My neighbors are finding them in their yard, two houses down!  I have never had chickens who love to travel as much as these two.

Something had to be done!

So, on Sunday morning, after early mass, my two boys and I worked our buns off setting up new poles and chicken wire, which extends at least six feet in the air.  We blocked all means of escape.  The two chickens sat on top of the coop and when they tried to get over the fence, they realized they couldn't leave.....it was actually hilarious watching chickens realize that their fun has come to an end!

 The coop is 21' by 12' - so plenty big by coop standards!!
 These are the new poles.  Some are cemented into the ground, so they are aren't going anywhere.
 Cyrus watching!
 I am using official chicken wire!  Usually, I always used whatever was hanging around!
 A view of their sleeping coop straight ahead and their laying coop to the left. 

But don't feel sorry for the traveling duo, they have enough space for a dozen chickens, two coops in which to choose to lay and/or sleep and plenty of food!  They are fat hens....I treat them good, so they give my eggs each day!  I really need two more hens, but that will have to wait until spring!

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