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Monday, February 11, 2013

Working from home

I was able to work from home on Friday when the blizzard started.  I (and my whole office) am working from home today, because a lot of people are still snowed in and there are streets that still won't be cleared until tomorrow.

My husband, who pulled an overnight shift last night for snow removal, said there are cars and streets still buried in so much snow that crews will be working non stop for a week to get them out.  This is not fun!  Towns just aren't prepared for the enormity of the snow.  We can handle five storms totaling 34 inches over the course of a month, but to lump it in to one 24 hour period is unfathomable.

Today is rain, all day.....They (the meteorologists) say that the puddles it is going to cause will be bad because there is no room for the rain to go - all storm drains are covered and I know on our street, they won't be found for another month or so.

My brother and mom's streets were finally plowed yesterday.  Mom is still in Mass.  I'm trying to convince her to stay there.  They had a foot less than us and are more prepared for it!  

We dug out a six foot high by 10 foot wide by six feet deep pile of snow yesterday.  We had to use the roof rake because of the amount of snow and pulling it all down caused this enormous pile of snow directly on and next to the house.  For fear of water leaking into the house, three of us tackled the pile and it took a couple of hours, but it is done!  I've never had such pain in my shoulders and back!! LOL

Mother Nature is laughing her head off right now!!!

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The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Crazy, crazy winter! And to think that I saw all those robins last month!

I'll bet that extra snow was heavier today after this rain. Glad you had a "team" to clear it, but please take care with that. I heard about the barn roof collapse on the news, and mentioned it to a friend with a flat porch roof.

Your mother is lucky to be in Mass, where at least she can get around some!

How many days till Spring?