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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Fridge/New Fridge

That is not an error in the title!

Right before we left for our vacation, our refrigerator died.  It was old, it had a good life, so it was time for a new one!  We went looking and I actually couldn't get what I wanted without taking down cabinets, due to height requirements, so I got something similar to what I had and it got delivered in two days and we were happy!

Fast forward one month....The entire refrigerator portion freezes.  We lose a lot of veggies (very angry about this) and other food.  So we lowered the temperature, but after three days, we realize there is a big problem, no water on the door either!  It took Sears three days to come out and to tell us it is the damper that is broken.  The damper is not closing, so cold air just flows into the refrigerator portion like the freezer!  Because it is such a new model, there are no parts out for it yet....no parts.  They have to get them from the manufacturer.....8 days more!  Yet, every day, we lose food!!   So, hubby is fuming after spending a LOT of money on this new one.  So, he calls Sears and is very worried that the water holding tank is totally frozen and worried about cracked components inside, so they are going to send out a new one on Tuesday (today).  We have already NOT gone shopping because we don't want to lose more things, but I realized this past weekend, we lost milk, onions, and iced tea!  I guess we didn't actually lose the iced tea.....it's just a frozen pitcher full....

We will see what happens today when the new one gets delivered!  

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