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Monday, February 24, 2014

Where did 2 weeks go?

I think I broke my New Year's resolution of trying to blog daily!

Let's see what happened in the last 2-1/2 weeks!

 - Had Hubby's 50th birthday party!  We had 42 people at my mom's house and it was a great party.  The food was great, the guests were great and we all had fun!

 - Hubby had surgery - that is the most important development!  Life got crazy getting through that!

 - Took some time off to take care of hubby after surgery!

 - Hubby ended up in ER with stomach issues.  All is well now! 

 - Finished all my EOY jobs for all clients! Whew!

 - Finished my taxes and did the FAFSA for my daughter!

 - Booked my daughter's flight for spring break - she is getting a ride home and then flying back to NC.

 - Happy Belated Valentine's Day to all - we didn't really celebrate as it was the day after the surgery!

 - Snow, snow and more snow!  19 storms to date this winter here in CT!  We are all pretty tired of it!

I  have come to the personal realization for the reason that I went into the business field and did not follow in my mom's footsteps (she is a nurse)!  I am not a patient caregiver!  I admit to it!  I do my best, but I'm just not good at it!   I'll keep trying as we will deal with hubby's rotator cuff for another few months, but honestly, I can admit it!!   I have no patience!  God Bless my husband for putting up with me!

Now that life has calmed down somewhat, I will try to blog more!  

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