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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Strawberry Jam

7 pints of Low Sugar Strawberry Apple Jam
7 pints of No Sugar Strawberry Honey Jam

Saturday was a good/busy day of picking and putting up.

I am going to keep a tally of what I put up this year!

Kathy - Let me know if you want to try the No Sugar Strawberry Honey Jam for your dad!  I will give you a jar!


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Strawberry Apple Jam, WOW! That sounds good. I guess I'll have to go picking real soon :)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

My plan today is to pick cherries for jelly today. Yours looks scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,

I would LOVE a jar of no sugar jam. I might just keep it for myself too;) Kelly, Ana and I went strawberry picking this morning. I'm not going to make jam this year, I still have some left from last year. Thanks, hope to see you soon! Kathy