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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I want this!

I take great care in using my eggs in the order they are received, First in, First out method.  The carton on the door holds the older eggs (to be used first), and the carton on the second shelf holds the newest eggs.  This way, every egg is always fresh!! 

However, if hubby gets the eggs, sometimes, he just puts them in any carton. Or sometimes, I'm busy and I'll forget and I put both egg cartons on the same shelf and then forget which is which!??

But this is just brilliant!!!

It is called an egg skelter and it holds two dozen eggs and you always will know which ones to use!!  

I love it......And I have an amazon gift card from Christmas.......so excited!   Now to pick a color! 

Have a beautiful day!!


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Abbi said...

Cool idea! I have been having trouble keeping track of ours lately, especially since the kids like to help put them away. Something like this would be fun.