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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Garden

I have all my flowers planted in the front yard.  Geraniums, petunias, marigolds and lots of Hosta this year.

In the side yard, I have turned over the veggie area and planted bean and squash seeds and then I bought a few tomatoes, broccoli, pepper and eggplant plants.  I need to get some more plants this coming weekend and then hopefully, the spring and summer weather will cooperate!

Once it is planted, I'll try to take some photos!  

As an aside, I pruned my mulberry tree this winter (I had never really done a good job of pruning it - I usually just clipped a few low branches so they weren't in my way).  There are so many mulberries on this tree, it is incredible....Hoping for my first real batch of homemade mulberry jelly.  Usually, I don't have enough mulberries, so I just add what I get to a strawberry batch or a crabapple batch.

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Eva Nentwick said...

I love mulberries! We go into Congress Park up here where they have a ton and people always question us what we are eating off the trees...