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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last Night

Last night, I sat outside again.......on the patio, watching the fireflies in the backyard...but there were only a couple of them.  The dog sat beside me. As I was sipping my second glass of wine, a V formation of geese flew by.  This was the second time in a week.  Why are geese flying south in V formation on August 19th?

There were a few planes in the sky, very few stars and lots of peepers (I don't know exactly what they are called, but I call them peepers - birds or bugs that make a lot of noise - maybe katydids?).

But it's the geese in V formation that is bothering me.

I can't remember them this early in the season.  It has been the coolest summer - absolutely glorious to be honest......no humidity (although it may come back next week), but really, it has been like Indian Summer all summer long.  (Maybe I'm just lucky that I was home to enjoy it? :))

But there is still that very uneasy feeling in the back of my brain that makes me really nervous about this winter.....since this summer has been so cool.

I guess we shall see what happens.........

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