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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yankees Game

We took our annual trip to Boston to see the Yankees play the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

It was a great trip with our friends, Barb and Kenny.

Trace Adkins sang the National Anthem - so exciting!  The game was LONG! Over four hours with 9 pitching changes.  (Ridiculous!)  However, the Yankees won, so it was good for us!
This is a picture of Trace - obviously, we were too far away to get a good photo of him singing!

 We were in Section 22 - right behind home plate - but we had obstructed view seats!
 The forecast called for rain, so we brought rain coats - it ended up not raining, but it was cool.  It was the first time that I had to wear jeans this summer!  

 Just some views from the park - it really is a nice park!  This is the newest statue outside the park - Carl Yaztremski.
 This was the view from our hotel room - It is a bit fuzzy because I am taking it through the window.  We were in a great area of Boston.  We walked outside some, but we were able to walk through a sky walk and through a mall to get to restaurants!  When we woke up on Sunday, we were early, so we went downstairs to ask the Coincerge if there was a local church for Mass.  There was a Chapel in the Mall, called St. Francis and we made the Mass - It was my first time going to church in a Mall - but it was surprisingly wonderful!!!
 On our way home we stopped for brunch at Cracker Barrel - we don't get there often and we really like their food, their portions, their service and the rocking chairs on the front porches!!  

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Abbi said...

Sounds like fun. Your look wonderful in bright blue!