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Thursday, April 9, 2015

I passed the test

Fyi - I passed the NRA test for basic pistol safety and I got to shoot a gun.  It didn't kick quite as hard as I thought it would.  I shot two pistols (not my own).  I am in the application process now to get a pistol permit.  It takes a lot of time (especially here in CT).  First you have to get a 60 Day Temporary State Pistol permit.  I have to be fingerprinted and pay a fee for a criminal history background check.  I have already taken the course, so I have that completed.  Then I have to pay our local police dept. Then I have to show proof of eligibility (a passport).  Once I get the temporary permit, I have to do a state permit.  That costs more money!!  But it will be worth it.

Here are my two targets the first time I shot.  I did okay.

 Two bullets hit the black target in this one, the other four were around it.
One bullet hit the target with this gun, which was heavier, but I managed to get all five shots within the circle.

Hubby is taking me to our local Rod and Gun club to practice.  I will let you know how that goes.

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