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Friday, March 30, 2012

A change in plans

I had posted several weeks ago, that I would be getting some freshly hatched chicks from my sister's place of work (she is a therapeutic recreation director and hatching eggs was an activity for the residents).  The chicks ended up being Sumatra's and Sumatra mixes.  After studying this breed a bit, I realized that I did not want the chicks.  Sumatra's are not good egg layers but worse than that, they are very good fliers.  Sumatra owners recommend a chicken wire roof (covering the whole coop area) so the birds don't fly the coop. 

Honestly, that is just too much work for me! 

Last week, I got two Red Star pullets.  Yesterday,  I got three more Red Stars!  I'll have five hens laying in about a month or so. 

That's as good as it gets this year.  And I'm happy with my decision!

My son is happy, too - he didn't have to make a brooder! HAH!

Pictures will be forthcoming once I get all the hens!

ETA: A picture that my daughter took.  We have changed the fencing, though!

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Nancy Claeys said...

I know you will be happy with the Red Stars -- they may not be the prettiest hens, but they are hardy and excellent egg layers. :)