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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The first night with the two pullets

Saturday was the first night that I had my two Red Stars, and one of them flew the coop....

I had to go out that night and I got home late and because I had not had chickens for about 4 months, I forgot that I was supposed to lock them up for the evening.  It was dark when I got home that evening and one of the hens was on the stone wall and one of them was gone!

We looked for her for about 20 minutes, but we couldn't find her.

First thing in the morning, hubby went outside and looked around.  He didn't see any feathers (which is a good sign), but it was still too dark.

I went out about half hour later and there she was - in the tree at my next door neighbor's house.
I brought her home and she ended up doing the same thing the next night (because I wasn't home in time again!!!).

So, now after three nights (M, T, and W) in the warm coop, I think she is much happier than sitting in a cold tree and she understands where home is.

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Yvette Niesel said...

All's well that ends well. :)