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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bottling the wine

Sunday night, the hubby and I started washing bottles at 5:30 at my moms' house.  She has a basement with a full kitchen with three sinks and it is much easier with three sinks, when you have 78 bottles to wash.  We finished washing after 6:30 and then brought them all to my brothers (which is right across the street) to start the bottling procedure .  I gave my niece the camera and told her to take pictures during the evening - She took 48 pictures!  Thank you Cristina!

Christopher told us first we had to soak the corks, which we did in the pickle jar! (about 30 at a time)
Next, Hubby put the demi johns on the stool and I had to suck the wine through the tubing to put into the  bottles.

Also, in order to bottle wine......we had to wear fedora hats.  Christopher says for 25 years  (since my Nonno passed), he has been wearing his fedora in honor of Nonno.  So, Chris gave Thomas and me a fedora also.  A new tradition in order to bottle wine!

At one point, I sucked too hard and almost choked to death.  Everyone laughed, I couldn't breath!
Here is a little video that Cristina took also.

This is the premium chianti again - oh so good!
Thomas did all the labeling after I filled all the bottles.

I kept filling bottles and I attempted to cork bottles - but I wasn't very good at corking!

The corking is a little harder than it looks.  I did it and I could do it, I just wasn't fast enough!!!!!

We ended up with 69 bottles of our wine.  Some of the bottles were big and some were small.  We gave Christopher three of our bottles and he gave us one of his Carnelians.  We bottled 16 of his Carnelian's also!  Chris is going to bring us these racks and my son is going to put it in the cold room.  For now, all our wine is sitting in Chris' wine cellar.

Thomas doing the labeling.

 Christopher holding the tubing while I fill the bottles.
 This is the Merlot!
 Cristina counting the bottles for us!
 Cristina, Chris and I in the wine cellar working!
The Fedora's!

 The labeling of the wines!  We ended up with quite a few bottles of the Premium Chianti - so that is great!  At the end, we bottled two blend bottles.  I'm looking forward to trying those also!


Yvette Niesel said...

No one here has ever heard of Carnelian wine... go figure!

Rob Feckler said...

Well, the whole task seemed great! But I think you should hire someone to help you with the production. Anyway, the hardest part of wine bottling is the corking. It requires force and extra care to be able to put the cork perfectly without making a mess.

Rob Feckler