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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Chickens

Yesterday, I ordered two Red Star Pullets.  (Pullets are hens - you can call them teenagers - who are under a year old).   I will get them at about 17 weeks old at the end of March.  They should start laying at about 22 to 23 weeks old.   So, by the end of April, I should start getting brown eggs again.  This is a red star!

Photo: Courtesy of mypetchicken.com

I am getting four baby chicks at the end of March also.  These I will raise in the brooder until they are ready to be put outside with the pullets.  I'm not sure on the color of the eggs as it depends on the breed of hen.  I just pray that I don't pick up a rooster.  He will have to be soup before his first crow, as my neighborhood would never allow a rooster!

(Just a reminder - if anyone wants any baby chicks, I can get them for you!). 

I have two coops and both need to be cleaned out and the fencing needs to be fixed and new chicken wire needs to be put up for the Red Stars.  So, you know what I'll be doing for the next couple of weekends!

ETA: Just got my confirmation from Benedict's - pullets will be here late March....I'll be waiting by the phone for the call to come in!


Yvette Niesel said...

I love it! If I weren't living in the big city, I would live on a farm with chickens. I love eggs! I want all the deets after you get the chicks.

Nancy Claeys said...

Red and black stars are awesome layers and very hardy. Great choice!