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Thursday, November 8, 2012

More About Naples

We have received six inches of snow as I type this (7-1/2 as I continue to type)....so I decided to blog about my trip to Naples, Florida with my friends.    Seriously, I hate snow!!

We got there late on Friday and went straight to SUPER Walmart for groceries and necessities.....We got back to the condo about 10:30 at night, totally exhausted.  Theresa wasn't with us yet, so the four of us got organized with making beds and putting away groceries and setting up the condo.  We stayed up until 1:30 in the morning with wine and beer and laughter!!!!!
This picture was at the airport waiting for the flight!

The next day was, of course, perfect so we waiting until 11 and when Theresa got there, we headed to the beach!  We stayed until 3:00 and the weather and the water were wonderful.....we headed back to the condo for "happy hour" and to take showers to get ready for evening down on 5th Avenue.  Since it was October, it was the "Stiletto Run"  - Everyone dresses in pink and runs in Stiletto's and that includes men.  They closed off all of 5th Avenue and if you have been to down town Naples, you know that this is a big thing.  There was a pink stretch hummer

 Motorcycles all in a row decorated all in pink
 This is  the Inn on 5th Running Group.  There were hundreds of people dressed similarly.
 Here are the five of us having dinner at Yabba in downtown Naples.  We got a perfect table outside, near all the fun!!
 Joanie, with one of the runners!  This gentleman dressed the part in heels and balloons for boobs!
 Pink decorated trees downtown in front of the theatre!  So pretty and so much fun!
The next day was just as wonderful  - it was a little breezy, so we spend the day at the pool.  The water was 91 degrees....We brought a cooler to the patio by the pool and drank and ate and swam and just had a wonderful time....and I forgot my camera!  We went to The Mercado this evening for shopping and dinner, however, we didn't realize that most of the shops close on Sunday at 6:00...we got there at 6:00... But we found a wonderful Italian Restaurant called Bravo!  Great food and great drinks!
 Theresa had a white sangria and I had a strawberry basil lemonade (virgin-because I was driving).  Eva had something that I forgot and it was just too sweet.

On our third day, we went back to the beach for the day.  We had another wonderful day weatherwise...three in a row!  In the evening, we went to Tin City to do some shopping and then to Bonefish Grille, another one of my favorites for seafood and Bang-Bang Shrimp!  We ate on the canal and had more beautiful weather!

We knew we had to leave early the next day so we went home to enjoy our last night together!
Donna forgot her shirt, so she isn't in the picture!  It was a great weekend with my friends!!!!  I foresee another trip in two years!

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The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

What a great trip, with a nice group....no wonder you love going to FL so much!
That strawberry basil lemonade sounds like the perfect drink for next summer :)

It's so much nicer to see these photos than to look out at that snow!