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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snow Totals

11 Inches of snow in my backyard!  ELEVEN!  We were predicted to have some rain and wind!  NO snow!

Why? Why?  I understand they are saying that the computer models were wrong and then the storm stalled....but why are meteorologists relying so heavy on computer models....just look outside the freaking window, MR Meteorologist!  Even when we had four inches of snow on the ground, the weathermen kept saying it would get better....It didn't.  It got considerably worse!  3-1/2 hour drive  from Greenwich to  Derby and then my son couldn't get up the hill to our home.  Why?  Because there were no plows on the roads yet....with six inches of snow on the ground....because the weathermen  didn't think we would need plows because they were wrong!!!

I am angry about the whole thing!  Very angry.  My husband told me to leave work at 4 and I didn't because the weathermen said it was fine!

From now on, I will take what weathermen say with a grain of salt (or snow).....

Where is Florida when you need it???

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