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Saturday, November 17, 2012


I have talked about Richard in some of my blogs and he is in my pictures a lot also, but I don't think people know exactly who he is. 

Richard is a gentleman who lives in a group home and my hubby works at the group home.  Richard has NO family at all.  The other members of the group home have family, so we have taken Richard into our family.  He comes with us on outings, for dinner, for football and basketball game....and sometimes, just to help rake leaves.  My husband is thinking about taking over his conservatorship, because the person who was his conservator has decided not to be it any longer! 

This is Richard and Thomas at the Yale-Princeton Football Game last week. 

Richard is an honorary member of our local firehouse, so he is always saluting.  He has Downs Syndrome but does very well.  I sometimes have a hard time understanding him, but my husband understands him fine!!  Last week, they attended the Uconn basketball game and on Sunday, Richard will come for supper. 

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The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

How wonderful that he has a "chosen" family! And that your husband cares enough to want to be involved in his life. I'll bet Richard really enjoys the times they spend together :)