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Monday, August 19, 2013

Canning and Other stuff

This has been a busy week with work and canning and trying to clean my house (important word to remember here is that I did try to clean it!).

My sister had a source for crab apples - something I had never tried!  The recipe made two pints of crab apple jelly.  It was supposed to come out red and clear.  It came out pink and cloudy....but the flavor was good!

My mom's peach tree is mass producing these small but amazing peaches.  I picked about five or six or ten lbs. (I don't really know) and made a LOT of peach jam this weekend.   I can pick about 10 more batches and make it but I don't have the time.  If anyone wants peaches this week to can for jam  or pie filling or whatever you want, please let me know!    I will give them to you!

I am going to meet my friend Kathy in the next week or so to make salsa, but my mom had tomatoes that were overly ripe and peppers from her garden, and of course I got two jalapenos from the CSA, so two quarts of salsa were made also! 

It was a cooking frenzy with 10 quarts of meat sauce that went into the freezer yesterday.  I made marinara also, but used it for two trays of  eggplant (from the CSA) parm, that I had to fry!   I'm done cooking for the week (and it is only Monday morning!)!   

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