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Monday, July 28, 2014

What does the Fox say?

My sister in law has been telling me about a fox that she has seen on her deck.  She lives across the street from a cemetery with a lot of woods and she says the fox comes across the street to visit?  It is a baby fox, but the mama is also around and comes in her yard also.

We stopped by for a visit last night and we were sitting on her back deck, talking and laughing.  We were not at all quiet and here comes the baby fox on the deck, checking us out.  He/she walked around and then left.  I could not get my camera out quick enough.....but about 20 minutes later, the fox came back.  My pictures are not good, but this little thing was adorable and although it is a wild animal, it seemed to want to be near us.

It is in the very center of this photo and hard to make out.  I wish I had a better camera.

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