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Saturday, July 26, 2014

CSA #6

I haven't talked much about my CSA this year.  I decided to try a different farm because the other one was a little too far to go every week, because my old company moved from that town.

We decided to try an organic farm this year.  It is local (literally a five minute drive), and I thought I would love it.  However, the first five weeks have proven to be less than half of what we used to get.  I do understand the organic part (the other farm was considered an IPM - integrated pest management), so I guess a few less veggies would be alright - but these last few weeks have really been a lot less.  

This last week was the best so far though, so I thought I would show you.  The picture below shows everything we got (except for the eggs-those are from my chickens), and usually I have to split it with my sister.  For the next two weeks, I'll get the full CSA and then for the following two weeks, she will get the full CSA, due to vacation schedules.  So, I am happy this week as it is a much bigger haul and I get to keep it all!!

  Three small heads of red leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes (the grape tomatoes are from my sisters house), two small red tomatoes, two large red tomatoes and one yellow tomato, two paddy pan squash (new to me this year), two zucchini, three cucumbers, three eggplant, one small bag of swiss chard and three onions!

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Judy said...

I'm glad you get to keep it all :)
I all looks so good, we have not planted any swiss chard, I'm not even sure I've ever had it.