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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The job hunt is progressing

I had my first phone interview this week.  I think it went well, but I wasn't exactly what they needed.  They wanted someone with a little more experience managing a staff.  The last time I managed a staff was almost eight years ago.  I was honest about it!  I think you have to be!

Since the 10th of July, I have applied for 14 jobs (and many more prior to that).  I am trying to stay organized in writing each job down, the job number if there is one, when the resume/cover letter were sent, etc.  I have talked to three recruiters (who didn't have anything for me at this time), and there are two other recruiters that I have not heard from yet.   The resume has gone out to approximately 25 people (friends, family, people in the know).

Like I said before, it is a job looking for a job!  But I'm up to the challenge!  

And my hubby is my greatest supporter!  He is better at networking than I am!  He just knows so many more people!! LOL

I will update my progress weekly!  

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