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Friday, September 5, 2014


My mom has a blueberry bush, that for over 20 years has produced beyond measure.  The blueberries are very sweet and she gets blueberries for about 3-4 weeks in July.

When I bought my house seven years ago, I ordered a blueberry bush and two raspberries bushes.  I wanted berries like my mom.  The raspberries have been good to me and continue to spread and produce.  Three years ago, I got a few blueberries on the bush.....two years ago, I got a few more blueberries on the bush.....last year, the birds ate all my blueberries....But, this year, my blueberry bush is a producer!!

To date, I have picked about eight cups of blueberries.  I keep freezing them and will make blueberry jam soon.  The taste is different than my mom's blueberries.  Not as sweet, but the berries are just a little bigger.  And I never got a blueberry in July like my mom does....mine all came in August and still now through September.  I have no idea what kind of bush I planted.  I only remember that the company that I bought it from said it would take three years to start producing, which it did.

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