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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Hyde Park

Last Sunday, I took a bus trip up to New Hyde Park to see the Vanderbilt Mansion and the home and presidential library of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  What a lesson in history!

The Vanderbilt Mansion was just gorgeous.  It is situated on the Hudson River and looks as if it belongs in Newport, RI (other Vanderbilt Mansions are already there).  This was their spring and fall home and there are acres and acres of walking trails.  It is now owned by the US.  The opulence of the turn of the century was just over the top.  The bedrooms, the fireplaces, the ceilings....you can't even take it all in.

Then we went to lunch at restaurant called Shadows.  We sat outside on a beautiful covered patio overlooking a marina and the Hudson River.
Last was the tour of the Roosevelt home and presidential library.  Unfortunately, we did not have enough time here.  Two hours was not enough.  There is a visitor center, the library and then the house tour.  We watched a movie first about FDR and then proceeded to the home where dignitaries, kings and queens and others have stayed.  It was not a house like the Vanderbilt Mansion, but more like a home.  We saw the rose garden and the tomb of FDR and Eleanor.  This home is also on the Hudson, but over the past century, the trees have grown and there is no longer a view of the river.  Again, my pictures do no justice to seeing this historic and beautiful landmark.  

The collection of Madeline Allbright pins (the originals) was in the library as a special presentation.  I wanted to see each one of them, but time ran out.  

As with Punxsutawney, PA, I recommend this tour immensely.  I even got to drive by Marist College where my middle child attended before he switched to Uconn.  It brought back some nice memories!

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