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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I took off the word verification on my blog for the last month or two, because someone found it difficult to use ( this is the area where, when you post a comment, you have to put in the numbers or letters to verify you are a human).

Most unfortunately, since I took it off, I have been getting TONS of anonymous comments from all over the world (and most of them are for erectile dysfunction) (aren't I lucky!!). 

I am EXTREMELY tired of these anonymous postings so, I have had to put on the word verification again!

For those of you, who read my blog, but do not follow me, please scroll half way down the page and on the right is "join this site" (my first directions were wrong - THANK YOU, Yvette, for telling me).  You will have to put in your email address.  This way, I know you are out there!  And PLEASE, please, please Comment!  I love to know you are there and would love to know your thoughts on my blog!

It will be much appreciated and it will be nice to see HUMANS reading my blog, instead of some computer from Japan commenting about Viagra!!!!!

Have a great day!!

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Yvette Niesel said...

There is no follow button on the top of your page. People who want to follow need to scroll about halfway down your entire blog (it's a ways down) and click on "Join this Site." I hope you get a lot of followers!!