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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The freezer door

I had planned to help my mom all day on Saturday with work around her house.  About three o'clock I got a very urgent call from the hubby asking who was the last one in the freezer....I didn't know, but I assumed my daughter getting us ice cream last night.  Well, the door was left open all night and the door to the cold room (where the freezer is) was left open all night too.....and it was humid!

Houston. we have a problem!!!!!

1/6th of the cow was just put in there, plus multiple chickens and veggies and bread products and suffice it to say, the freezer was full to the gills!   So, I rush home and try to figure out what is still good (frozen), what needs to be cooked NOW, what needs to be thrown away, etc.

We talked to my brother in law (the butcher) and he said that as long as it was still ice cold, even if it is defrosted to just shut the freezer door and let everything refreeze.  We may get a little freezer burn and it may be a little crystallized, but since it is for our consumption only, it won't be a problem.  Unfortunately, everything that was on the freezer door was NOT ice cold, so all of that had to be cooked.  A whole chicken, two packages of chicken parts, two packages of liver, and about 10 hamburgs.  The rest of the stuff on the door, I either threw out (corn, some herbs that I had frozen from last year's garden), or will use.  The hamburg and hotdog rolls, we will use this weekend.  Two quarts of sauce, we will use this weekend also.

Fun, fun, fun.........

But, it could have been much worse!

And you know what the kick in the ass is....Both of my sons live in the basement (in their own little bedroom, living room, bathroom combination).  As soon as you go down the cellar stairs, you can see that the door was open to the cold room AND you can see that the freezer door is open.....Neither one of them noticed it.....I guess I needed that kick in the ass this weekend!

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