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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family Night

It was family night at the Police Academy for my son.  He is there for six months and comes home on the weekends.  They invited family and friends to see what it is like and to see what the recruits are doing.

It was interesting to say the least.  First of all, it is definitely like a boot camp.  Their room has to be perfect.  The blanket and sheets have to be 18 inches from the top of the bed and the sheet can only be folded over for six inches....seriously - they have a ruler and have to measure this!!!  They come in every Monday morning in a suit and bring their recruit uniforms all cleaned and pressed and march or jog into the barracks.  They get changed and begin their day with exercise and then right into classroom for 8 hours. 

We were told that they will come out of this experience as different people.  They will no longer be civilians!  (scary!).  We saw a video of what they do every day - exercise, classroom work, work.  My son's job is cleaning the kitchen at night!  I am so happy he is learning this job - maybe it will transfer over to his home life!
This is him in the kitchen...
At his desk in the classroom
The squad that takes down and folds all the flags.
He is in this picture in the second row, I think the sixth person!
The Nametag at his desk
With his girlfriend who came also and who kindly took all these pictures for me!!

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The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Amazing about the discipline in their routines! And I thought that I was fussy about making my bed....I'd probably flunk out on that!

It's great to know that your son will soon be patrolling here in CT. Some of our cities and towns really need more police presence.